Delta8 can be done right or done on the cheap. We all know what happens when things are done on the cheap. I did extensive research on this stuff before I bought from this manufacturer. I have to be very careful about what I put in my body.

Where did I go:

Use coupon code: cbdleira (I believe its 15% off).

(these are 95% Delta-8, not the 60% many places sell).

I bought 1 cart (Girl Scout Cookies) and 1 pack of delta8 gummies.

What did I expect?

Honestly, I didn't know what to expect. I know delta-8 is a happy cannabinoid but that's about it. Since most of us rarely get much Delta8 (its like .01% in the stuff we normally use) - the feeling was going to be unique.

The size:

I get .5ml of 70%-90% THC here at a dispensary for about $50.00 These are double the size and come in under $50.00 after the coupon.

The color:

Crystal Clear. "not a hint of tint" (I think i just made that up hehe). They purified hemp resin as the carrier and add the delta8 to that.

The taste:

Its not great. Let me explain why. Purified hemp resin itself has an off flavor (grassy,). But its natural. Delta8 is a compound, so that doesn't taste like anything. They add some very lite flavors to keep it interesting.

The effect (vape):

The most important thing right? Its everything I hoped it would be. It's a psychoactive effect but one I have never really experiences before. Very calming, very bubbly, and you notice more in your body. Think of it as a vape-able THC that acts like an edible. Its the cool side of the high. One thing you will find is it comes in waves. Normally you get high - then you come down. Most of us know the feeling. With this it comes in waves and is highly unpredictable (this also could be because im a newbie with D8). Th moment you say "im fine!" your punched in the face again. I wouldn't try this for the first time if you have plans. However, its all good. This could very well replace MMJ for a lot of people.

The effect - edible 30mg:

A Normal Delta-9 edible at 30mg is pretty aggressive. They say the average does is 10mg. I usually do 20. Thinking Delta8 was less then Delta9 I took 30mg. I remember feeling it in about 20 minutes and I having a great night sleep. I woke up SUPER refreshed!

Strain Misconception at high levels:

The one thing you will find is strains mean nothing when it comes to Delta 8 at over 90%. Delta 8 is a compound like Salt. It really doesn't matter where you get your salt. In the end, its salty. If your cart is over 90% Delta8 - its pretty much all that's in it. If your looking strain benefit look for D8 that's also mixed with CBD.

I hope this cleared things up for you guys. I hope some of you get some and let me know how it works out of you.

I'm super stoked about this stuff.